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Lucio Fontana - Concetto Spaziale - Teatrino (nero & bianco)
Fontana, Lucio
Concetto Spaziale - Teatrino (nero & bianco)
Multiple, 1968

Starting bid  12.000 EUR
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Uecker, Günther - Strukturfeld (Struktur I)
Uecker, Günther
Strukturfeld (Struktur I)
Nails, white paint on canvas and on wood, 1982

Estimated price  150.000 EUR
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Mack, Heinz - Dynamo (Rotor)
Mack, Heinz
Dynamo (Rotor)
Revolving Wooden relief with electric engine, i..., 1965

Estimated price  50.000 EUR
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Piene, Otto - Nach April
Piene, Otto
Nach April
Mixed media. Pigment and fire on canvas, 1976

Estimated price  40.000 EUR
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Girke, Raimund - Großes Weiß
Girke, Raimund
Großes Weiß
Mixed media on canvas, 1969

Estimated price  35.000 EUR
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Uecker, Günther - Baum
Uecker, Günther
Nails and black paint, ash-glue mix on a tree t..., 2003

Estimated price  30.000 EUR
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Piene, Otto - Flower Sun
Piene, Otto
Flower Sun
Mixed media with oil and soot, 1979

Estimated price  20.000 EUR
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Uecker, Günther - Weisses Mahl - weisse Malzeit
Uecker, Günther
Weisses Mahl - weisse Malzeit
Nails, porcelain, white paint on panel, 2007

Estimated price  18.000 EUR
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Piene, Otto - Feuermännchen
Piene, Otto
Gouache, 1972

Starting bid  13.500 EUR
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